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“It is far preferable to listen to clear speech in clear noise than distorted speech in distorted noise.”

Attributed to Mead Killion, Ph.D.



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Deciding if hearing aids are the right choice for you can be a difficult decision. 

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For your convenience we have four locations in West Michigan. 

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What We Do

We help you hear

Our goal is to help you connect to your friends and family. Our Doctors of Audiology are licensed health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in children and adults. Our services include prescribing and dispensing hearing aids, performing ear or hearing related surgical monitoring, providing hearing conservation programs and services, performing newborn hearing screenings, assessing and treating patients with tinnitus, and providing hearing rehabilitation. We love what we do. 


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So much more than just Hearing Aids

 Michigan Hearing Experts and  Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists  coordinate your care under one roof. 

Our Advantage. 
When you decide to entrust your hearing care to the providers at Michigan Hearing Experts, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality professional care. You will enjoy the convenience and benefits of having your Audiologist and ENT physician providing coordinated care at a single location for all your hearing needs.

Hearing loss:

At Michigan Hearing Experts we understand that hearing is essential in keeping us connected with our friends and family.Our goal is to help you hear and actively participate in the world around you.




Hearing Aids

Michigan Hearing Experts offers the most up-to-date digital technology in a variety of hearing aid styles. We work closely with today’s top manufacturers who are leaders in research and technology. We always provide counseling to help you communicate more effectively with your family and friends and help you adjust to your hearing aids. We use advanced fitting and verification methods to ensure proper programming specific to your hearing loss. We also encourage return visits in order to fine tune your hearing aids so you are hearing optimally. We understand that hearing needs change and provide ongoing service to our patients.

We believe that an educated patient is a happy patient. We want you to understand your hearing loss and the options that are available to you.

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Patient Testimonial:
"Hearing again is life changing..."
- S. P.

The doctor was very personable and professional while performing various tests to determine my hearing needs. Because I was a borderline candidate for hearing aids, she provided me with a demo set to try prior to making a decision which requires additional time to customize to my hearing needs based on results of tests she performed. With so many hearing aid choices, she explained important features which allowed me to decide what brand or model would work best for my hearing environments. 

- Happy Patient